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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended 12.0
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended 12.0

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended 12.0 | 980 MB

Adobe Photoshop CS5 
Extended 12.0 Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Extended yazılımı, Photoshop CS5 özelliklerinin yanı sıra 3D ve hareket tabanlı içerikler oluşturmak ve düzenlemek için yepyeni araçlar sağlayan nihai gelişmiş dijital görüntüleme çözümdür.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 
Extended 12.0 Adobe Photoshop Extended has all capabilities of Photoshop, offering advanced functionality and opening new ways of working with digital images, three-dimensional objects and animation. Provides a full range of data on processed materials.
Adobe Photoshop Extended - a solution for multimedia designers employed in various industries: film and video industry and architecture, engineering, industries, medicine or science. Adobe Photoshop enables you to work with a variety of 3D-content, multi-layered images and images with high dynamic range (HDR) at the professional level, receiving the output materials of high printing quality.

Advantages of Adobe Photoshop Extended:

- Convenient dynamic control panel for access to all the necessary tools for color correction and toning images, styles, and other editing tools.
- Streamlined Interface.
- Rotate the canvas with a single click from any angle.
- Intelligent scaling.
- Per-pixel image-editing by maximizing individual sites without losing definition.
- Improved editing of motion graphics.
- View photo collections in a convenient format: tabs or in a format mosaic.
- Full integration with the latest models of printers, pre-press review, support for 16-bit printing on Mac OS.

New features of design in Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended:

Excellent drawing effects
Buying Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, allows you to create a realistic drawing effects with the help of new tools: a tool "Mix-brush" that allows you to mix colors directly on canvas, setting different parameters of brush strokes to perform a simulation of the real texture, the onscreen color palette, and many others opportunities.

Fill in the light of image content
Remove any elements of the image with the intellectual filling the empty area in view of the contents of the surrounding areas. This qualitatively new technology in Photoshop CS5 Extended takes into account characteristics such images as lighting, colors and noise, and perfectly fills the area at a disposal facility.

Simple selection of complex areas
Easily select the elements of the complex images, such as hair, to adjust, compositing or placement on the layout. Automatically modify the edge of the selected area, delete the background color around them and adjust the mask, using new tools.

Creation of 3D-shapes using Adobe Repousse
Use technology to Adobe Repousse to create 3D-logos and graphics, using any text layers, elements, shapes and layer masks. Applied to objects effects, such as twisting, spinning, extrusion, bevel and distortion.

Improvements in Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended:

Improved handling of HDR images
Create a Photoshop CS5 Extended HDR image in any direction - from photorealism to Surrealism - with exceptional speed, flexibility and accuracy.

The most advanced tools for processing images in RAW format
Perform nondestructive denoise images while maintaining the color settings and sharpness of the elements, add the grain, giving the digital images a more natural look, consider the possibility of a more flexible post-crop vignetting, and other image processing functions - all with plug-in Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 6.

The effectiveness of workflow
Buying Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, you will appreciate the improved resource productivity and tools that provide unlimited opportunities for creativity, thanks to the introduction of dozens of new and enhanced features at the request of users of Photoshop.

Improved media management
Easily manage media data using a more flexible function of batch renaming, and have direct access to materials related to the current content being processed by a custom toolbar Adobe Mini Bridg

Discover the new features of web design! Easily select the elements of such complex images, like hair, for subsequent insertion into layouts, and create expressive web page. Develop an attractive design for interactive Web applications using the 3D-objects, graphics, and realistic effects drawing.

Developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated
Enabling | reg code: Present
Interface Language: English
Platform / OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven



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